The ultimate offshore recruitment solution || Terms and Conditions

1. does not accept responsibility for the validity of certification, experience or skills of our members. It is advised that our users supply their supporting documentation to any potential employer to endorse their profile.
2. Profile of Jobseekers will be published with their contact address to a big number of employers; Rig-workers is no-way bound to be held responsible for exposing any material posted by jobseekers themshelves. However, if any unwanted contents comes to a view Rig-Workers will have the right to delete it immediately.
3. Employers-information will be absolutely preserved in secrecy. Rig-workers will not publish any information regarding any employer until and unless employer allows. Jobseekers will contact them when they (Jobseekers) will be notified by the employer and way of communication between employer and jobseekers will be fixed by the content of notification provided by the employer.