A&G - Administrative and General Expenses
A/D - Assitant Driller
AADE- American Association of Drilling engineers
AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists
AAPL - American Association of Petroleum Landmen
AAQS - Ambient Air Quality Standards
AAR - Automotive Accident Rate in Miles
ABF - Aquatic Base Flow
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
AC – Alternating Current
ACF - Annular Capacity Factor
ACHARR - Advisory Committee on Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Research
ACHP - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Ack - Acknowledge
ACOP - Approved code of practice
ACT - automatic custody transfer
AD - Auto Driller
ADIT - Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes
ADS - Altomatic Drilling System, NOV Drawworks
AF - Arctic Floater
AFE - Approval for expenditure
AFE - Approved Fixed Expense.
AFFF - Aqueous film Forming foam
Aframax tanker - tanker < 80,000 dwt (average freight rate assessment
AFT — After
Aft - toward the stern of a ship or mobile offshore drilling rig.
AHC - Active Heave Compensator
AI - artificial island
AIS - Automatic identification system
ALARP - As low as reasonably possible (reduction of hazard status)
AMNI - Associate Member of the Nautical Institute
Amp - Ampere
AMVER - US Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue
AOF - Absolute Open Flow
AOSC - Association of Oilfiels Servicing Contractors
AP- Annular pressure
APCD - Air Pollution Control District
APD - Application for Permit to Drill
API - American Petroleum Institute
API Certified - tool that complies w/ API's standards
API Gravity - density of liquid petroleum products
APL-Annular Pressure Losses
APP - As Per Program
APR - Annular Pressure Response
ASBA - Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
ASRO - Australian Shipping Registration Office
ASV - Annular Safety Valve
ATFN - Any Time From Now.
AV - Annular Velocity
AV - apparent viscosity
AWD - Analysis While Drilling (part of the On Track system), Sense EDM terminology
AWO - Approval for Well Operation


B/O - Break Out
B/P - bbls/day
Bbbl - Billion barrels
bbl - barrel of oil
Bc - Bearden units of consistency, drilling fluid
BC - Bridge Crane
BC - BROKEN CONE drill bit
BC - Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes
BCD - Barrels per Calendar Day
Bcf - billion cubic feet, Production testing
Bcf/D - billion cubic feet per day
Bcfe - Billion Cubic Feet of gas Equivalent
BDI - Baltic Dry Index
BDV - Blow Down Valve
BF - Buoyancy Factor
BFH - Balanced Flow Hydraulics bits
BFI - Baltic Freight Index
BGWP - Base of Group Water Protection
BHA - Bottom Hole Assembly
BHCT - bottomhole circulating temperature
BHP - Bottom Hole Pressure
BHST - bottomhole static temperature
BHT - bottomhole temperature
BIMCO - Baltic and International Maritime Council
Bimcosale - The Bimco standard form of bill of sale
BLK - Blocked
BLPD - Barrels of liquid per day Production Testing
BM - benchmark, Geophysics
BMP’s - Best Management Practices
BO - Biological Opinion
BOD - biochemical oxygen demand, Drilling Fluids
boe - barrel of oil equivalent
boed -barrel of oil equivalent per day
BOM - Bill of Materials
BOP - Blow-Out Preventer
bopd -barrel of oil per day
BOPE - Barrels of Oil Per Day Equivalent
BOPE - Blow-preventer Equipment
BOPM - Barrels of Oil Per Month
BOSIET - Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. includes Safety, Fire Prevention and
BOSVA - British Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association
bpd - barrel per day
BPL = Bit & Nozzle Pressure Losses
BPM- Back pressure manifold
BPM- barrels per minute
BPUTS - Bring Pumps Up To Speed
BPV - back pressure valve
BPV Back pressure valve 2WCV when the BPV can be manipulated
BRT - Below Rotary Table
BS - Bit Sub
BS&W- basic sediments and water
bt - Broken teeth
BTU - British thermal unit.
BU - Balled bit
BWD - Backward
bwd - barrel of water per day
BWOB - By weight of blend, drilling fluid
BWOC - By weight of cement
BWOW - by weight of water drilling fluid
BWPD - barrels of water per day, Production Testing
BYT - BIG YELLOW THING(Baker down hole motor DHM)


C cent. - Centigrade
C&K - Choke and Kill
c.u. - capture unit
CAA - Clean Air Act
CAAA - Clean Air Act Amendments
CAAQS - California Air Quality Standards
CAD - computer assisted design
CAER - Community Awareness and Emergency Response
CAODC - Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
CAP - Condition Assessment Program Survey
CAPEX - Capital Expenditure
CAPP - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CAR- Corrective action register
CARB - California Air Resources Board
CATS - Central Area Transmission System
CB - Core Barrel
CBHP - Constant bottomhole pressure
CBHT - Circulating BH Temperature
CBI - computer-based information
CBI - Confederation of British Industry
CBL - Cement Bond Log
CBM - Coalbed Methane
CBT - computer-based training
CBT- Computer based training
CBU - Central Business Unit
CC - Circulate and Condition mud
CC - Cracked cone Drill bits
cc - cubic centimeter
CCA - California Coastal Act
CCC - California Coastal Commission
CCC - Carrier container council
CCL - Casing collar locator
CCMP - California Coastal Management Program
CCP - Controllable Pitch Propeller
CCRS - China Corporation Register of Shipping
CCS - Cement Control System
CCS - China Classification Society
CCTV- Close circuit television
CCW - Counter Clockwise
CD - Cone dragged Bits
CDA - Common Data Access
CDP - common depth point
CDP - Comprehensive Drilling Plan
CEC - California Energy Commission
CEC - cation-exchange capacity, Drilling Fluid
CEN - European Committee for Standardization
CENELEC - European Committee for Electro-technical Standardization
CEPA - Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, drilling fluid
CES - coast earth station
CESMA - Confederation of European Union Shipmasters Associations
CET- Cement evaluation tool
Cf - Compare
Cf - Cubic Feet
cfm - cubic feet per minute
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
Cfs - Cubic Feet per Second
CG - coast guard
CGB- Completion guide base
CGBF - Concrete, Gravity Based Structure
CGT - Capital Gains Tax
CH - Catheads
CHP - Casing Hanger Pressure
CI - Cone interference Bits
CI - contour interval, Geology
CIRM - International radio maritime committee
CIT - Chartered Institute of Transport
CITHP - Closed In Tubing Hanger Pressure
CIV - Chemical Injection Valve
Class - Category in classification register
CLC - International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage
CLFP - choke line friction pressure
CLTIF - Combined Lost Time Incident Frequency
CLUP - Coastal Land Use Plan
CMC - carboxymethylcellulose, Drilling Fluids
CMC - Crown Mounted Compensator
CMC-Hi Vis - See CMC
CMC-Lo Vis - See CMC
CMHEC - carboxymethyl, hydroxyethylcellulose
CMP - common midpoint, Geophysics
CMS - carboxymethyl starch, drilling fluid
cmt - cement
CMW - Current Mud Weight
C-NET - Control Network (Profibus network)
CNG - Compressed Natural Gas
CO - Carbon Monoxide
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
COA - contract of affreightment
CoB - Center of buoyancy
COD - chemical oxygen demand, drilling fluid
COFCAW - wet combustion, Production Enhancement
CoG – Center of Gravity
Colreg - International Convention on Collision Regulations
CoM - center of Mass
COMP - California Offshore Monitoring Program
COOGER - California Offshore Oil and Gas Energy Resources
COSG- Combined operations safety case
COSHH- control of substances Hazardous to Health
CoSWP - Code of Safe Working Practices For Merchant Seamen
COW - Crude oil washing
CP - Casing Pressure
CP - Communication Processor
CPD - Controlled Pressure Drilling
CPI - Consumer Price Index
CPMG - radio frequency pulses designed by Carr, Purcell, Meiboom and Gill
CPS - Cycles Per Second
CPU - Cavern Point Unit
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CR - Cored bit
CRI - - Cutting Re-Injection
CRS - Croatian Register of Shipping
CRT - cathode ray tube
CSB Casing Stabbing Basket
CsF - Caesium Formate
csg - casing
CSS - Code of Ship management Standards
CSS - cyclic steam stimulation. or cyclic steam injection. Heavy Oil
CT - Chipped teeth drill bits
CT - coiled tubing, drilling
CT - Compliant Tower
CT - Corporation Tax
CTCO - Coiled Tubing Clean Out
CTM - Coil Tubing Measurement
CTU - cargo transport unit
CTU - Conductor Tensioning Unit, rig equipment list
CTU is a more common acronym for Coiled Tubing Unit. allows for differentiation
CUP - Conditional Use Permit
CV - Curriculum Vitae (resume)
CW - Clockwise
CWA - Clean Water Act
CWE - cold water equivalent
CWM - Catwalk Machine
CWOR - Completion Work Over Riser
CZMA - Coastal Zone Management Act

D&C - Drilling and Completions
dBA - Decibles
DC – Direct Current, elet
DC - Drill Collar, Drilling
DCDA - Drilling Control & Data Acquisition
DCP - Driller's Control Panel
DCR – Drillers’ Control Room, rig eqipment
DD - Directional Driller
DD - Directional Drilling
DDM - AKMH terminology for a Top Drive "Derrick Drilling Maching"
DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid
DE – Diatomaceous Earth (filtration system for cleaning mud)
DEAL - Digital Energy Atlas & Library
DFMA – Drill Floor Manipulator Arm
DGD - Dual gradient Drilling
DGPS - Differential Global Positioning System
DHSR - Degrees of Hydrate Suppression Required
DHSV - Downhole Safety Valve
DIS - Danish International Register of Shipping - Danish Maritime Authority
DIS - Draft international standard
DL - Development Licence
DLat - difference in latitude
DLL - Dual LateroLog
DLong - difference in longitude
DLS - Dog-Leg Severity
DMDO - Distillate Marine Diesel Oil
DNC - Digital Nautical Chart
DNV - Det Norske Veritas
DO - Dissolved Oxygen
DO - Division Order
DOC - document of compliance
DOE - US Department Of Energy
DOT - US Department of Transportation
DP - Drill Pipe
DP - Dynamic Positioning
DPDV - Dynamically-Positioned Drilling Vassal
DPO - Dynamic Positioning Operator
DPP - Development and Production Plan
DPP - Drill Pipe Pressure
DR - Dead Reckoning
DR - Delay Rental
DRT – Drilling Riser Tensioner
DS - Drillship
DSC - Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes and Containers
DSM – Drilling Service Module
DSPL = Drillstring Pressure Losses
DSS - decision support system
DST - Drill Stem Test
DSV - Diving Support Vessel
DSV - Drilling SuperVisor
DTH _ down the hole
DTI - Department of Trade and Industry (UK)
DTL - Drilling to the Limit.
DTS - distributed temperature sensing
DTU – Dry Tree Unit
DV Tool - stage tool used for cementing
DW - Drawworks
DWT - Deadweight tons


E&I - Electrical and Instrument
E&P - Exploration and production
EA - Environmental Assessment
EBT - Elevated Backup Tong
EC - European Commission
EC - European Community
ECD - Equivalent circulating density
ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECGD - Exports Credits Guarantee Department
ECITB - Engineering Construction Industry Training Board
ECP - Engineered Cutter Placement, Bits
ECS - Electronic chart system
EEEGR - East of England Energy Group
EEZ - Exclusive economic zone
EHV - Extra High Voltage
EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
EIR - Environmental Impact Report
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
EL - Exploration Licence
Elev - Elevators
EMF - Electro Magnetic Fields
EMP - External muster point
EN - European Standard
ENC - electronic navigation chart
EOB - End of Build
EOBM - Ester oil based mud
EOFL - End of Field Life
EOR - Enhanced oil recovery
EOS - equation of state
EP additive - Extreme pressure additive - used in lubricants
EPA - Environmental Protection Act
EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EPFS - Electronic Position Fixing System
EPIRB - emergency position indicating radio beacon
EPS - IMO performance standard for ECDIS
ERD - Extended Reach Drilling
ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System
Esc - Escape
ESD - Emergency Shut Down
ESDV - Emergency shut down valve
ESP - Electric submersible pump
ESP - Estimated Stuck Point
ETA - estimated time of arrival
ETAP - Eastern Trough Area Project
ETD - estimated time of departure
ETLP – Extended Tension Leg Platform
ETO - Electro-Technical Officer
ETSF - Electronic Trading Standard Format
ETSI - European Telecommunications
EU - European Union

F&G - Fire and gas
F/C - flow-check
FAR - Fatal accident rate
FAT – Factory Acceptance Testing
FB - Finger Board
FC - Filter cake
FC - Flat crested wear Drill Bit
FC - Float Collar
FCC - fully cellular containership
FCD - Fuel control valve
FCO - financed, constructed and operated
FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCP - Final Circulating Pressure
FD - Fluid Density
FDP - Final Development Plan
FDS - Functional Design Specification
FEED - Front end engineering design
FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FFM - Full Field Model
FG - Full Gauge
FIT - Formation Integrity Test
FIV - Formation Isolation Valve
FIXED - Fixed Leg Platform
FL - Flow Line
FMA - Finnish Maritime Administration, Finish Register of Ships
FNI - Fellow of The Nautical Institute
FO - fuel oil
FOIP - Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FONSI - Findings Of No Significant Impact
FOSV - Full Opening Safety Valve
FP - Formation Pressure
FPF - Floating Production Facility
FPS - feet per second
FPS - Floating production, storage
FPSO - Floating Production Storage and operation
FR - Full Requirements
FRC- Fast rescue craft
FrP - Friction Pressure
FRSB - Fast Response Spill Boat
FSA - formal safety assessment
FSRU - Floating Storage and Regasification Unit
FSU- Floating storage unit
FT - Flow Transmitter
Ft - Foot (feet)
FTC - US Federal Trade Commission
FTP - Flowing Tubing Plug
FV - Float Valve
FV - Funnel Viscosity
FVF - formation volume factor
FWD - Forwards
FWHP- Flowing wellhead pressure
FWKO - free water knock-out
FWV - Flow Wing Valve


GA - Guide Arm
Gal - Gallon
GAPP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GBS - Gravity Based Structure
GBT - Gravity Base Tank
GHG - Greenhouse Gases
GIIP - Gas Initially In Place
GIS - Geographic Information System
GL - Germanischer Lloyd
G/L - Gas/Liqui
GL - Gas Lift
GLM - Gas Lift Mandrel
Glonass - Global navigation satellite system
GLR - Gas Liquid Ratio
GLT - Guide Line Tensioner
GLV - Gas Lift Valve
GMDSS - Global maritime distress and safety system
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GNOME - General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment
GOC - Gas Oil Contact
GOC - General operators' certificate with regard to GMDSS
GOM - Gulf of Mexico
GOR - Gas Oil Ratio
GOSP - Gas-Oil Separation Plant
GPG - Grains per gallon = ppm/17.1
GPM - Gallons Per Minute
GPS - Global positioning system
GRN - gamma-ray-neutron (log)
GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRV - Gross Rock Volume
GT - gross tonnage
GT&C - General Terms and Conditions
GTL - Gas To Liquid
GTW - Gas To Wire
GUI - Graphical user interface
GW - Gigawatt
Gwh - Gigawatt-Hour
GWI - Gross Working Interest
GC - gas chromatography

H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
HAZID - Hazard identification
Hazob - Hazard observation
HAZOP - Hazrd and operability study
HC - Heat checking drill bit condition
HDD - horizontal directional drilling
HGS - HighGravity Solids
HHP - Hydraulic Horse Power
HL - Hook Load
HLO - Helicopter Landing Officer
HLV - Heavy lift vessel
HMI - Human Machine Interface
HP - High Pressure
HP - Hydrostatic Pressure
HPHT - High-Pressure, High-Temperature
HPU – Hydraulic Power Unit
HPV - hydrocarbon pore volume
HR - HydraRacker
HRN - AKMH Terminology for Iron Roughneck " Hydraulic Rough(N)eck"
Hrs - Hours
HSE - Health & Safety Executive
HSE - Health, Safety and Environment
HSSE - health, safety, security, and environment
HT - Hydratong
HTHP - High-Temperature/High-Pressure
HVAC - Heat, ventilation, air conditioning
HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current
HWDP - Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe


IADC - International Association of Driling Contractors
IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container
IBOP - inside BOP
ICoTA - Intervention and Coiled Tubing Assosiation
ICP - Independant competent person
ICP - Initial circulating pressure
ICSS - Integrated Control & Safety System
ICV - Interval Control Valve
ID - inner diameter
IDO - Technical Document
IDU - Integrated Drilling Unit, Sense EDM terminology
IEC - International Electrical Council
IFT - interfacial tension
IMP - Internal muster point
I-NET - Information Network (Ethernet network)
IOC - independent oil company
IP - Injector to Producer Ratio
IPC - Installed Production Capacity
IPR - Inflow Performance Relationship
IRN - Iron Roughneck, Sense EDM terminology
ISICP - Initial Shut-in Casing Pressure
ITS - Influx To Surface
IWCF - International Well Control Federaration
JAFO - Just Another Friendly Observer
J/B - Junk Basket
JD - Junk damage
JU - Jack-Up
JS - Junk Sub
Js - Joystick
JB - Junction Box


KB = kelly bushing
kHz - Thousand Hertz (cycles per second)
KLF = Kill Line Friction
KMW - Kill mud weight
KM - Kill mud
KOP - Kick-Off Point
KR (or KRS) - Korean Register of Shipping
KRP - kill rate pressure
KT = kick tolerance
KV - Kilovolt
KVA - Kilovolt-Ampere
KVNR - Dutch Register of Shipping
Kw - Kilowatt
KWH - Kilowatt-Hour

L/C - Landing Collar.
LACT - lease automatic custody transfer
LAN - Local Area Network
LAS – Liquid Additive System
LAT - Lowest Astronomical Tide
Lat =latitude
LBOP - Lower BOP (TDS or Kelly)
LBP - Length between perpendiculars
LBS - lifeboat stations
LC - Loss Circulation
LCB - longitudinal centre of buoyancy
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LCF - longitudinal centre of flotation
LCM - Lost Circulation Material
LDT - light displacement tonnage, lost during trans-shipment
LED - Light emitting diode
LEL - Lower explosive limit
LEM - lower explosive mixture
LEO - low earth orbit (satellite configuration)
LER - Local equipment room
LGR - Liquid Gas Ratio
LGS - LowGravity Solids
LIFT - Licence Information for Trading
LIR - Local Instrument Room
LKO - Lowest Known Oil
LMRP - Lower Marine Riser Package
LMT - local mean time
LMV - Lower Master Valve
LN - Land
LN - Lost nozzle
LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas
LO - lubricating oil
LOA - Length over all
LOC - Letter of credit, letter of compliance (USCG)
LODF - Line Outage Distribution Factor
LOE - lease operating expense
LOGIC - Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness
LOL - limitation of owner's liability
LOLE - Loss Of Load Expectation
LOLER - Lifting operation, lifting equipment regulations
LOP - Line of position
LOR - Letter of readiness
LOS - Law of the Sea
LOS - Line of sight
LOT - Leak-Off Test
LP - liquid petroleum
LP - low pressure
LPC - London Processing Centre
LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LR - Lloyd's Register
LRDP - Long Range Development Plan
Ls - Limestone
LSA - Low specific activity (Radiation level)
LSFO - Loss-Sulfur Fuel Oil
LSH - Level Safety High
LSL - Level Safety Low
LST - local standard time
LT - Lost teeth drill bit
LTOBM - Low toxicity oil based mud
LVI - Low Viscosity Index
LW - low water
LWD - Logging Whilst Drilling
LWL - length on water line
LWSA - Lightweight Solid Additives


M - Meter
M/U - Make up (refers to screwing pipe together)
M/V - Mobile Vessel
M1 - methyl orange alkalinity (of filtrate)
MAASP - Maximum Allowable Annular Shut-in pressure!
MAC - Manual alarm callpoint
MAINTOPS – Maintenance Operations
Marisat - Maritime satellite system
MARPOL 73/78 - International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MARSEC - Maritime Security
MASP - Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure
MAWP - Maximum Actual Working Pressure
MAWP - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
MB - Mud Bucket
Mbbls - Thousand Barrels
Mbbls/d - Thousand Barrels per Day
mbd - thousand barrels per day
mbod - thousand barrels of oil per day
Mboe - Thousand Barrels of Oil Equivalent
Mboe/d - Thousand Barrels of Oil Equivalent per Day
mbr - Member. distinctly identifiable sections within a given geological horizon, ie: the Suhindol mbr of the Etropol formation.
MCA - Marine Coastguard Agency
MCC - Master Control Center
MCC – Motor Control Center
MCE - Maximum Credible Earthquakes
Mcf - Thousand Cubic Feet (of gas)
MCFD - Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day
MCFPD - One Thousand Cubic Feet of Gas Per Day
MD - Measured Depth
mD - millidarcy
MDL - Methane Drainage Licence
MDO - Marine Diesel Oil
MDRT - measured depth from rotary table
MDSS - Measured Depth Sub-Sea
MDT - Modular formation Dynamic Tester
MEG - Mono Ethylene Glycol
MEO - medium earth orbit (for satellite configuration)
MEPC - Marine Environment Protection Committee
MERSAR - Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual
MFE - Multi-flow-evaluator, form of DST
Mgd - million gallons per day
MGN - Marine Guidance Note
MGO - Marine Gas Oil
MGS - Mud Gas Separator
Mgy - million gallons per year
MH - Mouse Hole
MI - Machinery Interface (part of the On Track system), Sense EDM terminology
MI - Mineral Interest
MIRU - Move in Rig up
MIS - Management information system
MISICP - Maximum Initial Shut-in Casing Pressure
MIYP - Maximum Internal Yield Pressure
mKB - Meters below Kelly Bushing
ML - Mud line
MLLW - Mean Lower Low Water
MLS - Mud Logging System
MM - Million
MM - Mitigation Measure
MMbbl(s) - Million Barrels
mmbd - million barrels per day
mmbod - million barrels of oil per day
MMboe - Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent
MMboepd (or mmboepd) - Millions of barrels of oil equivalent per day
mmBtu - Million British Thermal Units
MMcf - Million Cubic Feet
MMcf/d - Million Cubic Feet per Day
MMcfd - Million cubic feet day
MMCRP - Mitigation Monitoring and Compliance Reporting Program
MMP - Mitigation Monitoring Program
MMPA - Marine Mammals Protection Act
MMS - Minerals management service - Agency of US DoI
MMscfd - million standard cubic feet per day
mmstb - million stock barrels
MMstb - million stock barrels
MNI - Member of the Nautical Institute
MO - Mobile
MODU - Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOL - Main oil line
MOP - Margin of Over Pull
MOP - mobile offshore production
MOPU - Mobile Producing Unit
MOTEMS - Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MP - Mud Pump
MPD - Managed Pressure Drilling
Mpd - thousand barrels per day
MPN - Most Probable Number
MRCC - maritime rescue coordination centre
MSC - Marine Safety Committee
MSDS - Materials Safety Data Sheet
MSL - Mean Sea Level
MTLP - Mini Tension Leg Platform
MU - has several meanings:
MuSol - Mutual Solvent
MUX - Make Up Crossover [Crossover - X]
MVA - Megavolt-Amperes
MW - Megawatts
MW - Mud Weight,
MW1 - Mud Weight, Old mud weight
MW2 - Mud Weight, New mud weight
MWD – Measure While Drilling


N02 - Nitrogen dioxide
N0X - Nitrogen oxides
NAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NACE - national Association of Corrosion Engineers
NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
NAPF - Non Aqueous Phase Fluid
NAS – National Aerospace Standard
NASA - Non Active Side Arm
NAVTEX - navigational and meteorological warning broadcast service
NBstb - Near Bit Stbeliser
NCOB - no cargo on board
NDT - non-destructive testing
NE - Northeast
NEB =National Energy Board
NFI - No Further Investment
NFPA – National Fire Prevention Association
NFTZ - non free trade zone
NG - Natural Gas
NGL - Natural Gas Liquids
NGO - Non-Governmental organisation
NHPV - Net Hydrocarbon Pore Volume
NI - The Nautical Institute
NIHQ - Nautical Institute Headquarters, London
NITC - Normal Incremental Transfer Capability
NK or NKK (or ClassNK) - Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japan's ship classification society)
NM - Nautical mile
NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association
NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Services (NOAA Fisheries)
NMR - nuclear magnetic resonance
NNR - national nature reserve
NO - nitric oxide
NOAA - National Marine and Atmospheric Administration
NOC - national oil company
NOD - Notice of Determination
NOGEPA - Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association
NOI - Notice Of Inquiry
NOI - Notice Of Intent
NOP - Notice of Preparation
NOR - Notice of Readiness
NOV - National Oilwell Varco
NP - Neutral Point
NPD - Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPREP - National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program
NPSH - Net Positive Suction Head
NPT - Non Productive Time
NPV - Net Present Value
NPV - Net Present Value
NRC - National Response Center
NRI - Net Revenue Interest
NRV - Non Return Valve
NSA - Norwegian Shipowners' Association
NSDG - North Sea Decommissioning Group
NT - net tonnage
NTHF - Non-Toxic High Flash
NTO - National Training Organization
NTU - Nephelometric Turbidity Unit
NUMAST - National Union of Marine, Aviation & Shipping Transport Officers
NWI - Net Working Interest
NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange


O/B - on board
O/R - Override
OBM - Oil-Based Mud
OBO - ore/bulk/oil carrier
OC - Off centre wear Drill bit
OCA - Offshore Contractors Association
OCIMF - Oil Companies International Marine Forum
OCR - optical character recognition
OCS - Outer Continental Shelf
OCSLA - Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act
OCTG - Oil Country Tubular Goods
OD - Outer Diameter
ODBC - Open Data Base Connectivity
ODT - Oil Down To
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OES - Office of Emergency Services
OFE - Owner Furnished (delivered) Equipment
OFS - Owner Furnished Services
OG - Oil and Gas Directorate
OGITF - Oil & Gas Industry Task Force
OGML - Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease
OIAC - Oil Industry Advisory Committee
OIIP - oil originally in-place
OIM - Offshore Installation Manager
OIP - oil in-place
OiW - oil-in-water - emulsion
OLF - Norwegian Oil Industry Association
OLM - Optical Link Module
OMBO - One Man Bridge Operation
OMW - Original Mud Weight
OOC - Oil on Cuttings
OOD - Officer of the deck
OOE - Offshore Operation Engineer
OOIP - oil originally in place
OOW - Officer of the watch
OPA 90 - US Oil Pollution Act of 1990
OPEC - Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEX - Operating Expenditure
OPITO - Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
OPITO - The Oil & Gas Academy
OPPR - oil pollution preparedness and response
OPR - Office of Planning and Research
OPRC - International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation
OPS - US Office of Pipeline Safety
ORRI - Overriding Royalty Interest
OS - operating system
OSC - Operations safety case
OSCP - Oil Spill Contingency Plan
OSDD - Oilfield Services Data Dictionary
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSPAR - Oslo & Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of North East Atlantic
OSPR - Oil Spill Prevention and Response
OSRA - Oil Spill Risk Analysis
OSRP - Oil Spill Response Plan
OSRV - Oil Spill Response Vessel
OSV - Offshore Support Vessel
OTL - Operations Team Leader
OTO - Oil Taxation Office (of the Inland Revenue)
OWC - Oil Water Contact

P - Push
P&A - Plugged and Abandoned
P&I (or P and I) - Protection and Indemnity club
P&ID - Process and Instrumentation drawing
p.u. - porosity unit
p+c - Push and Confirm
P2 - Double Push
PA - public address
PAC - Pacific OCS Region
PAH - poly-aromatic hydrocarbons
Panamax - Ships able to transit, and allowed transit, of the Panama Canal
PAPA - Prepare to Abandon Platform Alarm
PB - Pinched bit
PBL Sub - Paul Bryant Lee
PBR - Polished Bore Receptacle
PBTD - Plug Back Total Depth
PBU - Pressure Build Up
PCV - Pressure control valve
PDC - Polycrystalline Diamond Composite
PDC log - perforating depth control (log)
PDG - Permanent Downhole Gauge
PE - Petroleum Engineer
PEDL - Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence
Pf - phenolphthalein alkalinity
PF - Platform
PFD - position fixing device, personal floatation device
PFEER - Prevention of Fire and Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations
PG - Pressure Gradient
PGB - Permanent Guide Base
PGOR - Produced Gas Oil Ratio
PGOR - Produced Gas Oil Ratio
Ph - indicator of alkalinity & acidity
PH - Pipe Handler
ph - Push and Hold
PHC - Pipehandling Crane, Sense EDM terminology
PHR – Pipe Handler Control Room
PHS - Tubular Handling System, Sense EDM terminology
PI - productivity index
PIANC - Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses
PILOT - OGITF Successor
PIMS - Pipeline Integrity Management System
PINC - Potential Incident of Non-Compliance
PLB - personal locator beacon
PLC - Process Logic Controller
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
PLEM - pipeline end manifold
PLT - Pod Line Tensioner
PLT - Production Logging Tool
PLT - Production Logging Tool
PM - particulate matter
Pm - phenolphthalein alkalinity
PM10 - particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter
PM2.5 - particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter
PMCD - Pressurized mud-cap Drilling
PMR - Planned Maintenance Routine
PMS - planned maintenance system
PN - Plugged nozzle Drill bit
POB - persons on board
POB - pilot on board
POBM - Pseudo-Oil-Based Mud
PON - Petroleum Operations Notice
POOH - Pull Out Of Hole
POOI - Pacific Operators Offshore Incorporated
POSVCM - Pipeline Oil Spill Volume Computer Model
POV - Pressure Operated Valves
PP - Pore Pressure
ppa - pounds of proppant added
PPB - parts per billion
ppcf - Pounds Per Cubic Foot
PPE - Personnel Protection Equipment
PPG - Pounds per gallon
ppg – Pounds per Gallon (density)
ppm - Parts per million
pptf - Pounds Per Thousand Feet
PRS - Polish Register of Shipping
PRS- Pipe Racking System
PRT - Petroleum Revenue Tax
PRT – Production Riser Tensioner
PS - Power Swivel
PSA - pressure setting assembly
PSAC - Petroleum Services Association of Canada
PSC - port state control
PSC - Production Sharing Contract
PSD - Planned Shut-Down
PSD - Prevention of Significant Deterioration
PSD - Process Shut Down
PSE - Pressure Safety Element
PSH - Pressure Safety High
PSHL - Pressure Safety High/Low
psi - pounds per square inch
psi/ft - pressure gradient
PSIA - Pounds per Square Inch Atmospheri…
PSIG - Points per square inch, gauge
psig - pounds per square inch gauge
PSL - Pressure Safety Low
PSL - Product Specification Level
PSU - Power supply unit
PSV - Pressure safety valve
PTO - Permit to Operate
PTW - Permit to Work
PUE - Pick Up Elevator
PUR - Plant Upset Report
PUWER - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
PV - Plastic Viscosity
PV - pore volume
PV - pressure/vacuum
PVT - Pit Volume Totalizer (Mud System)
PVT - pressure-volume-temperature
PW - Potable water
PW - Produced Water
PWD - Pressure(monitoring) While Drilling
PWRI - Produced Water Re-Injection
PWV - Production Wing Valve


QA - quality assurance
QC - quality control
QF - Qualifying Facility
QRA - Quantative risk analysis

R&D - Research and Development
R/U - Rig up
RA - Radio activity
Rabbit - Piston that pushes core out of core tube. pumped out with water.
RAD - radioactive densiometer
RB - Rotary Busing
RCC - Rescue coordination centre
RCCD - Reverse Circulation Centre Discharge
RCDS - Raster Chart Display Systems
RCJB - Reverce circulating junk basket.
RCM – Recirculating Mixer
RD - Rig Down
RDF - Radio direction finder
RDRL - Redrill
RE - Reservoir Engineer
Re - reynolds number - hydraulics
RENC - Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Coordinating Centre
REV - Reverse
RF - radio frequency
RF - range finder
RFMA – Rig Floor Mechanical Arm
RFT - Repeat Formation Tester
RG - Rounded gauge Drill Bit
RH - Relative Humidity
RH - Right Hand
RI - Royalty Interest
Rig – All drilling systems required to drill, complete, or workover production or injection wells
RIH - Run In Hole
RINA - Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Register of Shipping)
RIRs - Risk Identification Reports
RIT - Riser Tensioner
RKB - Rotary Kelly Bushing
RMA - Rock mechanics algorithm
RMLC - Request for Mineral Land Clearanc…
RMS - Ratcheting Mule Shoe
RMT - National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
RN - Roughneck
RNC - Raster Navigational Chart
RNR - Romanian Maritime Register of Shipping
ROA - Return of Assets
ROB - remain on board (cargo, bunkers)
ROC - Reactive Organic Compounds
ROE - Return of Equity
ROFR - Right Of First Refusal
ROG - Reactive Organic Gases
ROI - Return On Investment
ROP - rate of penetration
Ro-Ro - roll on/roll off
ROS - residual oil saturation
ROSF - Rincon Onshore Separation Facility
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
ROW - Right of way
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPM - Rounds Per Minute
RR - Rig Released
RS - Rig Service
RS - Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
RST - Rotary Support Table
RT - rotary table
RT (or R/T) - radio telegraph
RTCM - Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
RTTS - Retrievable Test-Treat-Squeeze
RTU - Remote Terminal Unit
RWPs - remedial work plans
RWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board


SAC - Special area of conservation
SAFE - Safety Award for Excellence
SAGE =Scottish Area Gas Evacuation
SALM - Single Anchor Loading Mooring
SAR - Search and Rescue
SARA - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act
SART - search and rescue radar transponder
SAS - safety at sea
SB - Stand Building
SBF - Synthetic Base Fluid
SBHT - static bottomhole temperature
SBM - Synthetic Base Mud
SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCBA - Self contained breathing apparatus
SCF - Standard Cubic Foot of natural gas
SCO - Standard Cost Obligation
SCOPIC - Special Compensation P&I Clause
SCR - Silicon Control Rectifier
SCR - Slow Circulating Rate
SCR - Special Casualty Representative (P&I)
SCR - Spot check report
SCR – Steel Caternary Riser
SCSS - Surface Controlled Sub-Surf Valve (hyd operated from surf)
SCSSSV - Surface Controlled Sub Surface valve
SCSSV - Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety
SD - Dynamic positioning semisubmersible
SD - Shirttail damage Drill Bit
Sd = sand
SDFN - Shut down for night
SDFWE - Shut down for weekend
SDT - Step Draw-down Test
SDV - Shutdown Valve
SDW - Summer dead weight
SE - Sense EDM, Sense EDM terminology
SEAL - Shearwater-Elgin Area Line
sec - seconds
SEC - US Securities and Exchange Commission
SEIR - Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
SEMI - Semisubmersible
SENC - System Electronic Navigational Chart
SES - Satellite earth station
SES - Seafarers' Education Service
SF - Heat affected seal Worn seal (denoted as SF)
SF - safety factor
SFEIS - Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement
SFV - Straight Fixed Variable
SG - Specific Gravity
SG - Static Gradient
SGA - Setback Guide Arm, Sense EDM terminology
Sh - shale
SHARP - Sustainable Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Programme
SI - Shut In
SIC - Standard Industrial Classification
SICP - Shut-In Casing Pressure
SIDPP - Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure
SIFN - (Shut In For the NIght) as when doing productive maintenance jobs
SIMOPS - Simultaneous Operations
SIRE - Ship's inspection report: a database system of the OCIMF
SIT – Site Integration Testing
SITHP - Shut In Tubing Hanger Pressure
SITP - Shut-in Tubing Pressure
Sjofartsverket - Swedish Register of Shipping, Swedish Maritime Administration
SLM - Steel Line Measurement
SM - Sense MUD
SMarT - Support for Maritime Training scheme
SMB - Santa Maria Basin
SMC - Safety management certificate
SMEs - Small and medium sized enterprises
SMS - Safety management system
SNG - Synthetic Natural Gas
SO2 - Sulfur dioxide
SO3 - Oxides of sulfur
SOBM - Synthetic Oil Based Mud
SOC - Statement of Overriding Consideration
SOLAS - International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea
SOO - Suspension of Operation
SOP - Standard operating procedure
SOP - Suspension of Production
SOPEP - Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
SOSREP - Secretary of State's Representative for Marine salvage and Intervention
SP - self potential, spontaneous potential
SP - Surface Pressure
SPA - Special protection area
SPAR - Floating production system
SPCC - Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure
SPCCP - Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
SPCP - Spill Prevention and Cleanup Plan
spf - shots per foot
SPI - Ship-port interface
SPM - Safety Practices manual [depends in the context it is written]
SPM - Single point mooring
SPM - Standpipe manifold [depends in the context it is written]
SPM- Strokes per Miniute- pump rate
SPM Valve - Side Pocket Mandrel Valve
SPML - Side Pocket Mandrel
SPP - Stand Pipe Pressure
SPR - Slow Pump Rate
SRO - Surface Read-Out
SS - sandstone
SS - Semisubmersible
SS - Stainless Steel
SSANC - Fixed anchors or mooring piles
SSL - Setback Stand Loader
SSMNF - Subsea manifold
SSO - Ship security officer
SSRRC - System Safety and Reliability Review Committee
SSSL - Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence
SSSV - Sub-Surface Safety Valve
SSTMP - Subsea templates
SSV - Surface Safety Valve
stab - Stabiliser
STB - Stock Tank Barrel
STCW - International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping
STOIIP - Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place
STOP - safety training observation program
SU - Submersible
SUBC - self-unloading bulk carrier
SW - Southwest
SWDW - Salt Water Disposal Well
SWE - Senior Well Engineer
SWL - Safe working load
sx = sack(s)
TA - temporary abandonment
TAC - Toxic Air Contaminants
TAR - True Amplitude Recovery
TB - Tank Battery
TBA - To Be Advised
tbg - Tubing
TBOSIET - Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training
Tcf - Trillion Cubic Feet
TCF-Temp correlation factor, gas lift
TCP- Tri Crecyl Phosphate - defoamer
TCP- Tubing Conveyaed Perforating gun
TCR - Transition Cost Recovery
TCT- True Crystallization temp
TD - Target Depth
TD - Total Depth
TDPH - Top Drive Pipe Handler
TDS - Top Drive System
TDS - total dissolved solids
TDU - Transmission Dependent Utility
TEU - Twenty feet equivalent unit
TF - Tropical fresh load line
TFCB - Trip for Changing Bit
TFL - through-flowline (equipment)
TFM - AKMH Terminology for Pipe Skate " Tubular Feeding Machine"
TGB - Temporary Guide Base
TGOR - Total Gas Oil Ratio
TGOR - Total Gas Oil Ratio
THF - Tubing Hanger Flange
THP - Tubing Hanger Pressure
THS - Tubing Head Spool
TIH - Trip In Hole
TIMS - Technical Information Management System
TJ - tool joint
TLL - timber load line
TLP - Tension Leg Platform
TM - ton miles
TOC - Top Of Cement
TOF - Top Of Fish
TOL - Top Of Liner
TOOH - Trip Out Of Hole
TOU - Time-Of-Use
TP - Touch Pad
TPI - Tones per inch immersion
TPIC - Terminal Person in Charge
TQM - Total quality management
TR - Temporary Refuge
TR - Tracking Drill bit
TRIF - Total Recordable Incident Frequency
TRSCSSSV - Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve
TRSV- Tubing Retrievable Standing Valve
TSE - Temperature Safety Element
TSH - Temperature Safety High
TSS’s - Traffic Separation Schemes

UBD - under balanced drilling
UBOP - Upper BOP (TDS or Kelly)
UBS - Universal bulk ship
UEL - Upper explosive limit
UFC - Uniform Fire Code
UFL - Upper flammable limit
UHF – Ultra High Frequency (radio system)
UKCS - United Kingdom Continental Shelf
UKLPG - Industry association formed from the LP Gas Association (LPGA) and the Association for Liquid Gas & Equipment Distributors (ALGED)
UKOOA - United Kingdom Offshore Operator assosiation
UKPIA - United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association Limited
ULBC - ultra large bulk carrier
ULCC - ultra large crude carrier
UMS - Universal Measurement System
UMV - Upper Master Valve
UN - United Nations
UNCLOS - United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply
UR - underream
USC - United States Code
UG - Under Gauge
USCG – United States Coast Guard
USDA - US Department of Agriculture
USDOI - US Department of Interior
USDOT - US Department of Transportation
USEPA - US Environmental Protection Agency
USFWS - US Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS - US Geological Survey
UTA - Umbilical Termination Assembly
UTC - Universal time (coordinated)
UV - ultra-violet

VBR - Variable Bore Rams
VDL - Variable Deck Load
VDU – Visual Display Unit
VFD – Variable Frequency Drive
V-G meter = viscosity get meter
VHF – Very High Frequency (radio system)
VIR - Value Investment Ratio
VRR - Voidage Replacement Ratio
VSC - variable speed controller


W/C - Well Centre
WACOG - Weighted Average Cost Of Gas
WAG - Water-Alternating Gas
WBM - Water-Based Mud
WC - Watercut
WC = Water cushion
WCD - Worst-case discharge
WDP - Waste Discharge Permit
WDR’s - Waste discharge requirements
WE - Well Engineer
WEG - Wireline Entry Guide
WEND - World Electronic Navigation Database
WHM - Wellhead maintenance
WHO - World Health Organisation
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WHRU - Waste Heat Recovery Unit
WI - Water Injection
WI - Working Interests
WIS - Wave Information Study
WITS - Well site Information Transfer Standard
WITSML - Well site Information Transfer Standard, Markup Language
WL - water line
WL - Water Loss, drilling fluid
WL = wireline
WLEG- Wireline Entry Guide aka RE-Guide
WLL - WireLine Logging
WMO - World Meteorological Organization
WMU - World Maritime University
WO - Weld wash out Drill Bit Damage
WOB - Weight on Bit
WOC - Wait on Cement
WOC - water/oil contact
WOE - Well Operations Engineer
WOG = wait on geologist
WOG = Water-oil-gas
WOO = waiting on orders
WOR - water/oil ratio
WOW = waiting on weather
WP - Well Protector
WPI - Wholesale Price Index
WQC - Water Quality Certificate
WRSCSSV - Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
WRSV- Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve
WSCA - Well Services Contractors Association
WSS - Well Services Supervisor
WT - watertight
wT - Worn teeth drill bit damage
WTI - West Texas Intermediate
WTP - Willingness to Pay
WWS- Water well source completion aka WSW Water Source Well Completion
WY - Water Year
W/C - Well Centre
WACOG - Weighted Average Cost Of Gas
WAG - Water-Alternating Gas
WBM - Water-Based Mud
WC - Watercut
WC = Water cushion
WCD - Worst-case discharge
WDP - Waste Discharge Permit
WDR’s - Waste discharge requirements
WE - Well Engineer
WEG - Wireline Entry Guide
WEND - World Electronic Navigation Database
WHM - Wellhead maintenance
WHO - World Health Organisation
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WHRU - Waste Heat Recovery Unit
WI - Water Injection
WI - Working Interests
WIS - Wave Information Study
WITS - Well site Information Transfer Standard
WITSML - Well site Information Transfer Standard, Markup Language
WL - water line
WL - Water Loss, drilling fluid
WL = wireline
WLEG- Wireline Entry Guide aka RE-Guide
WLL - WireLine Logging
WMO - World Meteorological Organization
WMU - World Maritime University
WO - Weld wash out Drill Bit Damage
WOB - Weight on Bit
WOC - Wait on Cement
WOC - water/oil contact
WOE - Well Operations Engineer
WOG = wait on geologist
WOG = Water-oil-gas
WOO = waiting on orders
WOR - water/oil ratio
WOW = waiting on weather
WP - Well Protector
WPI - Wholesale Price Index
WQC - Water Quality Certificate
WRSCSSV - Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
WRSV- Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve
WSCA - Well Services Contractors Association
WSS - Well Services Supervisor
WT - watertight
wT - Worn teeth drill bit damage
WTI - West Texas Intermediate
WTP - Willingness to Pay
WWS- Water well source completion aka WSW Water Source Well Completion
WY - Water Year

YP - yield point
YS - Yield strength
YV - yield value

Z-  acoustic impediance. production logging
ZnCl2 - zinc chloride.
ZMS - Zone Management Systems





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